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Option 1 - Man and a Van 

Minimum Charge of 2 hours. 

1 Man

2 Men

3 Men




Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

Option 2 - Half Day Rate 

Minimum Charge of 4 hours.

1 Man

2 Men

3 Men




Mover Packing

Option 3 - Full Day Rate

Up to 8 Hours of service.

1 Man

2 Men

3 Men




Movers Working

Option 4 - Fixed Price Rate

For long Distance or European moves. Contact and provide details of move.

1 Man

2 Men

3 Men




Moving Tips

Make a list

Having a list of your belongings and labelling them into categories, makes the removal run smoothly. As it helps our team understand what order to pack the van and know what items go where.

Have plenty of supplies

Time is a valuable aspect when moving house, so you need to be prepared as much as you can by having plenty of supplies. Such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap.


Utilise wardrobe boxes

The recommended way to move your clothing in your wardrobe, is to use our special wardrobe boxes that have a rail inside that you can hang your clothing on and keep protected. 

Clearing out  

Moving house can be the the best time to organise what belongings you want to keep and what to let go, which can cut your removal costs down. We do also have a recycling service to help you get rid of any unwanted furniture.  

Valuable Preparations

1 week before you move

  • Phone the council to suspend parking bays, if it will be needed for our removal lorry to be the doing load from.

  • Dismantle any furniture unless pre-arranged for us to do but please remember to keep all screws and fixings in a safe place.

  • Defrost your freezer and drain your washing machine incase of any leaks.

  • Don’t water plants as it can add extra weight and create mess on move day.


1 day to go before you move

  • Organise and pack your personal and valuable items, which you will be responsible for on move day.

  • Keep aside essentials for the moving day. 


Moving Day

  • Take final gas, water and electricity readings. 

  • Double check that all items not to be taken by us are put in a safe place – i.e. in your car.

  • Leave all hanging garments in wardrobes so we can put them straight onto our clothes rails.

  • Our team would be very thankful if you could leave your kettle out and be prepared to make tea for them as moving is exhausting work.

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